Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Whipping us with Time...

There is the notion that
the star's alignments
have influence on us.

Implications of a beautiful connectivity
between the worlds
of the heaven and earth.

A thread here of the Greek Fates,
of inescapable destinies, lives intertwined,
perhaps knotted, with each other.

To try to unravel yourself
from someone or thing,
the more twinned you become.

After a time,
the only recourse is dialogue....

Then again, I have always had trouble
with these notions conveniently born
out of human imagination.

But that the stars might have tied us down
to the same bed so to speak,
that the Fates are whipping us with Time...

I can endure.

Monday, March 12, 2007

So How Many Times

So how many times
Do we go through this
Slow sad dance of the Flesh?

How many times
Do we kneel down
Before the altars of Love,
Of Beauty?

How many more times
Do we sacrifice our very souls
For a warmth
We cannot generate on our own?

Is it ever worth it?

Always the spirit hopes and prays
And searches for signs of Truth
In the other.

This is about Redemption.

This is about Crucifixion.

This is about the love of angels
For stars and planets,
For gravity… gravity.

I am falling.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

There is the Fool

From PanosFX

There is the Fool
Holding up the Godhat
There in the Godshack
There in the Desert

And here is the moment
Upon which all things turn
The stark cry of the hinge
As the Gate opens.

And who am I amidst all of this?
As foolish as the Fool
As Holy as he hopes to be.

Who am I amidst the drama,
Within these sayable words,
Underneath this insanity.

We drink to the night.
This night so like all the others.
And yet, what arises
To our benedictions?

These words,
Can you even call them words,
Ring as hollow as all time.

I speak and listen.

I say nothing.