Saturday, January 30, 2010

Burn A Skull Long Enough It'll Start to Sing

Leonardo Da Vinci | Anatomy Studies

Another day and I don't have a dollar
Winding up in the starched white collar
See the ties getting brighter and tighter
Step into the ring and try to be a fighter

Another night in the room downstairs
A shelf full of books and the same nightmares
Wake up to whispers and the sad gray scenes
Adding up the negatives in the American Dream

Another song that sounds just the same
Express the flesh and the limits of pain
A few tired chords on five rusted strings
Burn a skull long enough it'll start to sing

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The World Turns to Bone

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I sit in my chair
In my room with a view
I sit in my chair
Thinking of you

I open the door
Walk down the street
I see your face
In all that I meet

I walk past the house
Where we once lived
I walk through the memories
Of all that we did

I stand before statues
Of beauty and truth
I stand before monuments
Built all for you

I walk through the gates
Leave the city behind
I walk through these gates
For the very last time

I hold in my hand
Two rings of gold
I hold in my heart
What will never go cold

I lay down to sleep
After many long miles
I lay down to rest
In the grave of your smile

I close my eyes
Forever alone
I close my eyes
And the world turns to bone

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Kingdom Come

I'm going to lie so still now
Going to take my time today
Back down to a place I know
I got a raft
I'll float away

My body is so full of bones
Always going to be my home
No matter what the devil says
Not with his sticks
Not with his stones

I've got a soul on fire
And every old man that I know
Is sitting playing dominos
Getting drunk
In the choir

I'm going to take my words back now
Going to take my name away
Lie down in that grave
With a smile
On my face

God Won't Leave Me Alone

O I've been drinking
All night again

O I've been thinking
About dying again

You won't forgive me
For my sins

You won't forget me
Again and again

God won't leave me alone
Even though he's broken all my bones

O I've been writing
A book of blood

O I've been fighting
Almost everyone

God won't leave me alone
Even though he's broken all my bones

A bow of thanks to The Boat Lullabies for the image.