Thursday, December 22, 2005

An Entire Range of Experience Unmapped

Photo by S. Walsmith

All our heart's courage is the
echoing response to the
first call of Being which
gathers our thinking into the
play of the world.

In thinking all things
become solitary and slow.

Patience nurtures magnanimity.

He who thinks greatly must
err greatly.
- Heidegger, The Thinker as Poet

What runs through the cut woods?
Spirit through the Pages.

The Lake in East Texas.

Walking with God:
Fish Cleaner.

Catching Nothing.

The Little Things:
How to scale a fish.
How to cut the meat
Away from the bone.
What to do when
The two got mixed together.

And in those slow days...
Teaching me language,
Teaching me how to fish.

And to always remember
The Water.